This just got posted in our Walmart FaceBook room and I was so impressed with it, I felt it deserved its own post.  The Misfit Flash Activity Tracker was scheduled to go on sale for $24 Thursday at 6 but this store was sold out.  (I’m not sure if the issue was specific to this store if this was company wide.)

So instead of just saying you were out of luck, the made an awesome substitution.  They were allowing people to get a Fitbit (Normally $99) for the low low price of $24.  That is really an amazing show of how much Walmart is dedicated to taking care of their customers.


Here is a pic of one that was purchased at a Walmart in Iowa.  Way to go Walmart!  I am simultaneously impressed with you and disappointed I didn’t get I on the deal. Smile

Thanks Rebecca S. for sharing.

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