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Grocery Shop for FREE at The Mart is dedicated to making sure you never have to spend a penny more on your weekly groceries then is absolutely necessary so it offers a lot of information that may be a little difficult to take in at first so hopefully this short guide will help.

Coupon Beginners

Watch my 6 part series that will teach you the basics of couponing

That will get you started, check out my YouTube channel for more videos

More Experienced Couponers

Once you have the basics down, there are a few things you need to know.

Familiarize yourself with Walmart’s Coupon and Price Matching Policy

Every week I match up every new coupon with Walmart’s price for that item so you can see the best deals on all the new coupons that have come out.  I call it my Reverse Coupon Matchups and you can find them here.  I will usually have them ready by Sunday morning.

The biggest way to save money at Walmart is to use my Price Match Lists.  I price match every national ad from my area (DFW TX, but you can use them anywhere in the US if you have these chains locally) to Walmart so you can see  how to save money.  I have put them all on the same page and even put a helpful video at the top of the page to walk you through how to use my lists. I cannot stress enough, these lists are how you will save at Walmart.  Use them well and save a ton.

Found a Great Deal? Share It!

If you happened to see a great deal at your Walmart, share it here!  It would be very helpful if you took a picture and if you are a blogger, send me a link and I’ll link back to you if I decide to put it up!

Support this Site

If you find this site helpful, there are several ways you can help support it.

Most importantly, follow me on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, or email.  However you like to get your deals, subscribe so you never miss one.

You can also subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Stitcher

Tell a Friend.  Either tweet about me or link to me on your FaceBook page.  We all know people that would like to save money but a lot of them don’t know where to start.  I LOVE to help those people, please refer them to me so I can help.

There is a lot more I want to do with this site but I will need some help to do it.  My dream is to have this site be able to support my family and cover the cost of hiring a few employees to do even more price match lists and find even more deals.  You can help just by spreading the word. Thanks in advance!

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