How To Transfer Money From Savings Catcher To Bluebird

How to Transfer Money From Savings Catcher to Bluebird

February 28th has passed and we can no longer double our Savings Catcher money by transferring them to Bluebird.  Bummer!  But, what wasn’t expected is the button to transfer money to Bluebird was totally gone.

Unfortunately, this is no longer an option, at all.

Well, guess what.  We can!  Now, the money won’t double but if you would like to continue to transfer your Savings Catcher rebates to your Bluebird card, there is a way.  All you have to do is go to the website, not the smartphone app.

After you log in, you will see this option about halfway down the page.


Either click the “Redeem to Bluebird” button or you may need to edit your redemption method if you’ve never transferred to Bluebird before.

Why would someone make these transfers even though they won’t double anymore?  Because it is still easier to pay with a credit card at the register than to print out your eGiftcard or bring it up on your phone for the cashier to scan.

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