Being a parent and working a full-time job is a challenging juggling act, so don’t feel bad when you fall behind or mess up. Staying organized is going to help you avoid chaos and unwanted surprises but know that it’s not always an easy task to tackle.

Below you’ll find practical ways for how you can keep your life and finances in order as a working parent so you can feel more at ease and less stressed out. Know that some days will be better than others and that you’ll make mistakes, but do your best to not let any setbacks keep you from trying to continue to improve your ways.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

One way to keep your life and finances in order as a working parent is to use technology to your advantage. For example, there are apps and programs that will help you to maintain better order, and that will even manage your finances for you. Take time to read this Blooom review as one option for how you can have a robo-advisor automatically manage your employer-sponsored retirement plan. This will be one task that’s worth taking off your plate so you can rest assured your money is being looked after while you’re attending to other important matters in your life.

Ask for Help

You can also keep your life and finances in order as a working parent by asking for help when you need it. Don’t feel bad reaching out and seeing if you can get involved in a neighborhood carpool or requesting that your spouse and kids pitch in around the house. No one will know you’re struggling or need a hand unless you speak up and let it be known. Keep in mind that it makes you a wise parent and that you should be proud of yourself for knowing your limits and what you do and don’t have time for.

Make Lists & Maintain A Calendar

Making lists is also a wise idea, so you don’t have to remember all that you have to do in your mind. In addition, put your tasks and responsibilities in priority order so you can get done first what’s most important. You can also keep your life and finances in order as a working parent by maintaining a calendar of events and upcoming obligations. Get in the habit of writing down all that’s approaching so you don’t miss out on any matters that should be on your radar.

Track Your Spending

Another way to help yourself out and make your life easier is to track your spending. Be diligent about noting your habits and where your money is going each month. You can make your life easier and maintain better financial order as a working parent by writing down what you’re buying and confirming that you’re paying your bills on time. Doing so will make you aware of any red flags or behaviors you want to stop practicing so you can maintain a more financially secure lifestyle.  

Follow Routines & Schedules

Following routines and schedules can help you stay organized when you have a lot of different responsibilities and tasks to manage. Keep your life and finances in order as a working parent by getting everyone in your household on an agenda so there are fewer surprises and everyone knows what to expect. For example, make lunches the night before, wake up and go to bed around the same time each night and eat dinner together as a family. Your finances will stay in better order as well when you routinely follow a budget and don’t fall behind on required payments.

Learn to Say No

As a working parent with a lot to take care of on any given day, it’s in your best interest to learn to say no once in a while. Remember to check your schedule and get back to people before making certain commitments that will take up more of your time. In addition, say no to yourself or your kids once in a while when you’re thinking about spending money on items you don’t truly need at the time. Don’t feel like you need to come up with an excuse as to why you’re saying no or feel guilty for doing so.

Practice Work-Life Balance

Finally keep your life and finances in order as a working parent by practicing work-life balance consistently. You’ll have more time for attending to your priorities and won’t feel like you’re always rushing around. Finding a desirable routine is going to help you out in this area as well because you’ll leave the office at a decent hour instead of trying to fit too much in each day. Put self-care ahead of all else and you’ll find it’s easier for you to care for your loved ones and perform well at work when you’re feeling your best.