Have you been wanting to make a high-dollar purchase from Walmart but have been putting it off until you find just the right deal?  Well I’ve got great news because today’s the day!

In recognition of 10 years in business, is offering an extra 10% rebate on anything purchased from through their program.  That means you will get a check equal to 13%(!!!!) of the purchase price of the item sent to you ($25 minimum) and on top of that, first time users get an additional $5.00 bonus!  That is crazy awesome!  Let’s do a little math so you know how much you will save.

There’s an HP mini Laptop starting at $248, buy it through and you will get a check back for $32.24!

The Motorola Xoom starts at $499, buy it through and you will get a check back for $64.87!

There are great deals on TV’s, Furniture, Clothing, and more!  All you need to do is click here for the Walmart deals and you will be redirected to Walmart’s website.  Buy like normal and will send you your check in a few weeks.  Let me know what great deals you got in the comments!

(Cash back is available on all purchases except tires, optical products, and Gift Certificates.)

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