11 thoughts on “FREE Rayovac Batteries!

  1. April Sims via Facebook says:

    the coupon is for alkaline batteries, not the ones in the photo.

  2. I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Zinc batteries before this conversation, I thought all non-rechargeable batteries were alkaline. I went and took another look at the packaging for these batteries and the word Zinc doesn’t appear anywhere on there but I’m going to assume you know what you’re talking about. Thanks for the info.

  3. April Sims via Facebook says:

    the SKU numbers on your pic is the same as the ones that sale for 97 cents which is the Zinc ones. the Alkaline is a blue pack and rechargeable is green, both much more than 97 cents. http://www.rayovac.com/Products/Heavy-Duty-Batteries.aspx the only ones that say heavy duty also are the Zinc C

  4. April Sims via Facebook says:

    Low Cost. High Value.

    Model: 5AA-4D

    Features and Benefits:

    Heavy Duty batteries are a great way to power low-drain devices at a great price!

    Zinc Chloride formula

    Best used before date on battery
    I know when they were Red they used to have it on front it might be on back or tag…hope that helps. last year i tried using this same Q on the 97 cent ones and was told it was not for the Zinc one or rechargeable. The Zinc is a cheaper battery they don’t last near as long

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