16 thoughts on “FREE Lay’s Potato Chips is Back!

  1. Jean Marcus via Facebook says:

    They were gone in 30 sec today geesuz!

  2. Jean Marcus via Facebook says:

    I cant even get the link to work on your site ..is it on coupon network again or another one ?

  3. Jean Marcus via Facebook says:

    I dont even show a link on your page can you post it here please ?

  4. Jean Marcus via Facebook says:

    Sorry, we can’t print your coupons!

    The coupons you selected did not print
    Coupons may not print because the maximum allowed prints may have been reached
    between the time the coupon was presented to you and the time you tried to print the coupon.
    This may also occur if you had previously printed the maximum for that coupon,
    but we were unable to detect that before your print started.

  5. Jean Marcus via Facebook says:

    Yeah not your fault thanks for trying

  6. Teresa Mason via Facebook says:

    after it said sorry cannot print exit out of that box then hit print again. It worked for me printed the second time i hit print. Thank you

  7. Teresa Mason via Facebook says:

    some other sites are saying the coupons might be fake? what do you think?

  8. Teresa Mason via Facebook says:

    I called lays phone number they said they dont put coupons on internet sites? So i am not sure since i have printed and used coupons for lays a few months back. So still not sure if who i spoke with was right or not. Guess we will see lol.

  9. Here’s the story on those Lay’s coupons from yesterday. There is a fraudulent coupon for Lay’s chips floating around but if you printed from the link I posted yesterday, that one is ok. The key is to make sure it specifies “10oz or more” on the Q, the bad one doesn’t have a size listed.

    It was a bit of a mix-up because that Q shouldn’t have been on that site but they will be honored if used. If you got yours, use it in good conscience!

  10. An email from the PPGazette Website:
    “Many of you are already aware of the amazing Lay’s® potato chips coupons that have been available for the last day. Our coupon, $3 off a 10 oz. bag of Lay’s® potato chips certainly got A LOT of attention! Sorry to say that Coupon Network took these coupons down earlier this morning.
    Because of the unbelievable coupon value and the fact that the coupons were not available on the Coupon Network website, we have received thousands of support emails asking if these coupons might be fraudulant. While the availability of the coupons was due to a technical mistake, our contacts there have assured us that the coupons are valid and can be used! So for those of you who were able to print these in time, you got one heck of a good deal! However, please note that if you were able to print multiple coupons that have identical bar code numbers, you are only allowed to use one of these at the store.”

  11. Teresa Mason via Facebook says:

    Thank you so happy to hear that. I did get them from your link and they do say $3 off 10oz bag. I didn’t want to use them till I was sure. Great deal for my BBQ. THank you

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