FREE Data for Life

If you have been putting off buying a tablet, this is the time to do it!  When you get a Trio AXS tablet and connect it to T-Mobile, you will get 200 MB of data for FREE every month for the life of the tablet.  That is an amazing deal!

Not only that but they will soon be adding a 2nd tablet to the system, an HP Slate 7 HD that will retail for $229.  The Slate will hit the shelves in June.

"We know many of our customers want to be constantly connected but often end up purchasing tablets with just Wi-Fi due to the cost," said Kevin Pate, vice president of electronics for Walmart U.S. "The new T-Mobile tablets with Free Data for Life will not only provide our customers with the technology and cellular access they want but also an unmatched value."

If you want more info, you can read the press release here.