Do you follow this blog on Pinterest?  Chances are, you don’t.  It’s not your fault!  This blog is run by me, who just happens to be a guy and I really didn’t ever get Pinterest.  People would tell me “It’s this awesome place where you can get recipes, craft ideas, party ideas and all kinds of stuff!”  My idea of the perfect recipe is opening cans at random and pouring them all in the same pot, I’ve never crafted anything in my entire life and God help you if you ever put me in charge of a party.  You will be eating with your hands and sitting on the floor.

So Pinterest really didn’t interest me until the other day.  I actually took the time to look around and what a cool site!  There is all kinds of awesome stuff there!

So I’m a new convert, (A “pinhead” if you will) and I will make a much better effort at making this site “Pinterest-friendly”.  (But please bear with me, I feel like a short man in deep water who can’t swim)  The big thing that I have done is make different boards you can follow.  Here is what they are and what they do.

  • Walmart Deal Board – Every deal I post goes here
  • Walmart $1.00 or Under Board – Everything under a buck goes here
  • Walmart FREE and Money Maker Deals – All the FREEbies go here
  • Couponing Tips – Anything that makes Couponing easier goes here
  • Walmart Humor and Other Fun Stuff – Fun stuff goes here

There will be more as I figure it all out and if you see me doing something wrong or want me to do something different, please let me know.  But most importantly, follow me on Pinterest!