It looks like there weren’t any real big instances of Black Friday violence at Walmarts around the country.  Just a few things here and there, here are the highlights.


A few protestors outside a California Walmart were arrested for failing to disperse.  And yes, that’s a priest being led away in handcuffs.


Two people were shot outside a Tallahassee Walmart

Witnesses say two couples were arguing and at some point a shopping cart hit the side of the car and a man stepped out and started shooting.

TPD Spokesman David Northway said, "On scene, officers located two victims who have suffered non-life threatening injuries and are currently being treated at a local hospital."

This crazy video was shot inside a GA Walmart and shows a horde of people getting jostled as they grab a Black Friday deal.  No injuries were reported but you have to admit that looks crazy.

This lovely lady was arrested in a FL Walmart.

Altamonte police said the woman was arrested for several things Thursday night. They said she being disruptive in the traffic line outside the store. They also said Chavez tried to bully the officer directing traffic and refused to go in line the way she was supposed to.
When Chavez got inside the Walmart, police officers said she caused a scene and threw merchandise on the ground.
Several officers were working detail at Walmart during the incident and several more responded to the call.


On a lighter note, this couple has Black Friday to thank for their marriage!  They met in a Black Friday line 18 years ago, fell in love and married 2 years later.  There you go, it’s not just horrible things that happen on Black Friday!

Do any of you have crazy Black Friday stories?  Let me know!