No Deal

There are 3 deals floating around out there right now that people are not doing right so I felt we should single them out for a little extra scrutiny.

Deal #1 – FREE Bayer Glucose Meter

There is a coupon floating around (that I will not link to) for $10 off a Bayer Glucose Meter.  Use it at Walmart and it becomes FREE with a little overage.  Here’s the problem.  That coupon only appeared in an ad flyer for Cloney’s Pharmacy and they are the only ones that will be reimbursed for that coupon.  Some “helpful” blogger (who I will also not link to) turned it into a PDF and people have been printing it like crazy.  This is about a clear cut case of coupon fraud as it gets.  Don’t do it.

However, there was an offer that was running concurrently with this one where you could get a FREE Bayer Glucose Meter with a doctor’s note.  That offer has been discontinued but if you happened to print it, it IS valid and can be used at any store that accepts it.

Deal #2 – FREE Gold Bond lotion

This one is tricky.  A few weeks ago there was an insert (RP 1/5) with a couple Gold Bond coupons in it.  One was for any Gold Bond Lotion with a size restriction (No trial or travel size) and another was for any Gold Bond Hand and Foot Lotion with no size restriction.  The reason there was no size restriction on this Q is because they only sell Gold Bond Hand and Foot Cream in the bigger bottles.  Walmart sells Ultimate Lotion for $.97 but not the Hand and Foot variety so this is not the Q for that product.  However, having said all that, I can 100% confirm that the register will not beep when you use that Q but you still shouldn’t.

Deal # 3 – FREE Tena Pads

This is actually a good deal but people aren’t doing it right.  2 weeks ago in SS 1/5 there was a coupon for a FREE Tena product up to $5.  The problem is that people are getting the overage up to $5 and all you should be able to get is is the FREE product.  Granted, this is the fault of the Walmart cashier for not understanding the Q but do we really want to train them to think they have to read every coupon?  No.  No you don’t.  That will ruin your couponing life.

Be honest when you use this Q and tell the cashier not to give you the overage.  There will be other deals you can get overage on honestly, this just isn’t one of them.