2014-09-10 15.41.32

Can you get FREE Curad band-aids at Walmart?  If you read other blogs or belong to certain FaceBook rooms, it would certainly seem so.  In fact I’ve seen some enormous hauls where it seems people have cleared out every Walmart for miles around and will be wallpapering their house in band-aids.  (Actually, I guess Band-Aid is a brand name so they will be wallpapering their house in Curad adhesive bandages.)

Except, there are a few problems with the deal.  Let’s start with the most obvious one, the coupon is inside the box so the couponer has to open the box and pull out the coupon before you buy the product.  If they wanted you to do that, they would have made it a peelie on the exterior of the box.  Because the coupon is inside the box, we know this was supposed to be used on the NEXT purchase.


Now let’s move on to the real issue with the deal, the coupon itself.  I’ve taken a pic so you can see the wording says this coupon is only for the Curad Sensitive Skin products.

2014-09-10 15.42.51

As you can see, Curad Sensitive Skin products start at $1.84, making them $.84 after the coupon.  A pretty good deal but not a FREEbie.

So there you have it, the FREE Curad deals you may have seen are not a good deal.  Sorry to disappoint everyone but let’s all be sure to actually read our coupons and use them correctly.