Bad Barcode on Tena Coupon Makes it Unusable for Couponers!

Do you remember that awesome Tena coupon I told you about in last week’s Coupon Insert Overview? Welllll…turns out it might not be the awesome deal I told you it was.

It appears as though someone screwed up at Tena and put an old barcode on this coupon so when you scan it at the register, it’s only good for $1.00 off and expired last August.  Oops!

The people over at Dusty Wallet who make the QSeer app are having a field day with this.  (I covered this app a little more extensively here if you are interested.)  They have always contended that consumers should be able to read those barcodes to better understand exactly what will happen when you are at the register.  Of course the coupon industry has gone to great lengths to keep us from knowing anything about the barcodes.  Sure there are horrible couponers out there that will use anything to defraud the coupon issuers but most of us just want our coupons to do what they say they are going to do.

The worst case scenario for any couponer is to be standing at the register and have a coupon beep that you know shouldn’t beep.  In fact, in doing a little more research for this article, I picked up the first coupon insert I found on my desk, last week’s SS and scanned the first coupon I saw, a POM Wonderful coupon.

2015-10-30 13.28.25

I scanned it with the QSeer app and guess what came up.

2015-10-30 18.29.32

Awesome.  I’m not sure who is in charge of quality control for these coupons but maybe they should hire the folks over at Dusty Wallet to help them out.

Special thanks to Coupons in the News for bringing this issue to my attention.