Was the Homophobic Assault case false? – Oh man, I hope this doesn’t turn ugly.  Looks like the mom may have made up the story of her son being called a Faggot I told you about yesterday.  She also sought psychiatric care for suicidal thoughts.  I’ll be watching this closely.

New Walmart Ballpit Meme – On a lighter note, kids are jumping in those ball cages at Walmart and posting on Vine.  Makes me glad I don’t work at Walmart.

Walmart trolls The Nation – This is one of my favorite stories in a long time.  The Nation is a leftist magazine that has called out Walmart on their wages.  Turns out The Nation pays it’s interns next to nothing and Walmart calls them to task.  My Favorite Part: “Every so often, some enterprising soul points to the gap between what our esteemed champions of social justice preach for others and what they practice themselves.”