6/21 Daily Video Recap: FREE Shampoo and Glade Products!

Every night on FaceBook I do a really lengthy FaceBook Live video going over the big news and deals in the frugal world.  Because of how long those videos are, I wanted to create a much shorter video with just the highlights.  The links to the different stories we talked about are below the videos.  Please remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel to never miss a video.  Thanks!

Huggies Wipes Just $1.47 At Walmart!

Zantac 75 Just $4.58 at Walmart!

Cascade ActionPacs Just $3.32 at Walmart!

Sargento Natural Cheese Snack Just $3.29 at Walmart!

TUMS 48-count Just $.98 at Walmart!

Kettle Chips Just $2.18 at Walmart!

SPAM Just $1.98 at Walmart!

Hormel Natural Choice Deli Meat Just $2.00 at Walmart!

Dinty Moore Stew Just $1.18 at Walmart!

Hormel Rev Wraps Just $1.28 at Walmart!

FREE Alberto V05 Shampoo or Conditioner with Overage at Walmart!

UPDATED: 9 FREE Products Available NOW at Walmart!