4/7 Frugal Report: Walmart Wants to be Your Favorite Place to Shop, Blue Bell Gets Recalled and Walmart Won’t Carry Rousey’s New Memoir

4/7 Frugal Report: Walmart Wants to be Your Favorite Place to Shop, Blue Bell Gets Recalled and Walmart Won’t Carry Rousey’s New Memoir

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This is Aarn Farmer with Grocery Shop for FREE at The Mart and here is the frugal news that caught my attention today.

We’ve got 3 interconnected Walmart stories we are going to start off talking about today.  First up,

Walmart is Almost the Worst Grocery Store in America

Consumer Reports is out with its newest ranking of the best and worst supermarket chains in the country, as voted on by ove 60,000 subscribers who rated over 100,000 grocery shopping trips during a 16-month period ending in July of last year.

Out of 68 Grocery Stores, Walmart came in 67th in categories like cleanliness, selection, freshness, and helpfulness of staff.  The one store that managed to beat them was Waldbaum, a store I have to confess to never having heard of before this survey came out.

But all that is about to change because of our second Walmart story,

Walmart will soon be your favorite place to shop

New Walmart US CEO and President has vowed to improve Walmart over the next years so much, that will be at the top surveys like the one mentioned earlier and consumers across the nation will say that Walmart is their favorite store.  He has vowed to tackle perennial problems like poorly trained associates, empty shelves, and dirty stores.  He even promises to improve the store lighting, temperature, and layout to improve the shopping experience.

But perhaps most importantly, he has vowed to keep prices low, which brings us to our next story

Walmart is turning up the pressure on vendors to keep prices low

Walmart is asking its vendors to spend less money on advertising and promotions and put that saved money into lowering their costs, driving down the final price of goods sold to Walmart for resale.

So here’s my take on these Walmart stories.

I have been fortunate to be able to see a few company videos and listen to investor calls where new Walmart President and CEO Greg Foran was speaking and I like the guy.  I have also spoken to members of the Walmart press team and the one message that has come through loud and clear every time I speak to them is that they like the guy and e seems to have the enthusiastic support of Walmart management, which is very good news.

For me personally, I think it’s about time that someone acknowledges that there is more to grocery shopping than the absolute lowest price.  we want clean, well-lit, fully stocked stores.  We want to deal with competent associates that know how to take a coupon and do a price match.  Generally, we don’t want a trip to Walmart to be a soul-sucking experience and this CEO is the first guy in a long time that seems to understand that.  Let’s hope he has the ability to see his grand plan through.

Next up, Blue Bell Ice Cream is Voluntarily recalling Ice Cream made in its Broken Arrow, Oklahoma plant

A few weeks ago, Blue Bell recalled a few of its novelty ice creams because they were contaminated with Listeria.  They apparently didn’t solve the issue because this weekend, they asked stores to pull any Blue Bell off its shelves manufactured in the tainted Broken Arrow plant.

If you have any Blue Bell in your freezer, check the code date.  Products made at the facility will have the letters "O," "P," "Q," "R," "S," or "T" following the "code date" printed on the bottom of the package.  If you have the affected ice cream, throw it away or return it.

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And our final story is once again a Walmart story

Walmart has decided not to carry Ronda Rousey’s new memoir My Fight/Your Fight because it is too violent.

This was one of those stories I had to confirm with multiple sources because it seemed ridiculous.  Walmart, Ronda is no street thug making a living by breaking knee caps.  She was the first US woman to win an Olympic Medal in Judo and she is absolutely dominate in her sport.

Would you refuse to carry the memoir of Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson?  How about products from the WWE?  I mean if Ronda was topless on the cover, I think I could understand your position here but this is just a dumb decision.  One I think will be reversed when someone with half a brain at Walmart takes another look at it.

Thanks for watching, links to each of these stories and a full transcript can be found at Grocery Shop for FREE at The Mart.com/Frugal Report.  So here is your question of the day: What would it take for Walmart to become your favorite place to shop?


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