Walmart can be an excellent place to shop if you’re in college because they are known for low prices on everyday items.

They also stock nearly any category you can think of, so you don’t have to go to multiple stores for your essentials.

4 Ways for College Students to Save Money at Walmart

Even though they have low prices, there are still a few ways you can save even more when shopping.

1. Consider Getting a Credit Card

A credit card is a great tool if you are managing your own money for the first time. Not only can it help you start building credit now, but it can also help you get the essentials you need, even if you don’t have extra funds right now.

While it can be a valuable tool if cash strapped, getting the right one is an important choice. You can review a guide for college students on how to pick the right one.

2. Shop the Right Brands

You may not save that much on your Walmart trip if you shop the brand names. However, if you don’t mind Great Value, you can save money. You can find Great Value or Equate versions of nearly every food and household item.

The only place where you may not be able to find the store brand is specialty items, like plant or nut-based milks. But if you can find the store brands in the categories you need, you may be able to save as much as 50 percent of the name brand equivalent.

In most cases, the ingredients in the store brands are the same as the name brand. You may find the quality is slightly lower for some products, such as trash bags, but you may find that as a college student, the slightly lower quality is still worth it to get the savings.

3. Use the Walmart and Amazon Apps

Install the Walmart app on your phone to price check items in the stores. If you find a lower price on their website or app, they will match the price for you.

Make sure you read up on their policy and have a copy with you if you ask for a price match. The manager may be able to determine whether they match a price for you, but it is worth asking.

The Amazon app can also be helpful when you are shopping because you can use it to determine whether you are getting a deal.

When you are shopping for dorm essentials or household-type products like cleaning supplies, you can double check your Amazon app to make sure the Walmart price is better.

4. Shop for Produce in Season

If you keep an eye on sales, you may find discounted produce from time to time. You can use these sales to decide what types of fruits and vegetables you are in the mood to snack on in your dorm.

The produce may be hit and miss at times, but going there early in the morning ensures you get the best selection before it is all picked over.

Don't break the bank as a college student! Check out these four ways to save money at Walmart without sacrificing quality or convenience.