3 Reasons You Should Be Using Walmart's Savings Catcher

3 Reasons You Should Be Using Walmart Savings Catcher

First of all, you should know I LOVE Walmart Savings Catcher.  I was fortunate to be in the Beta launch area so I got to see the first few baby steps of the program and was impressed then and it’s done nothing but get better.  So let’s take a look at why should be using Walmart Savings Catcher every time you shop at Walmart.

1.  You Will Save Money

When Savings Catcher first launched, this was the ONLY reason to use it and it was awesome enough.  As you scan each of your receipts into Savings Catcher, Walmart checks the store ads in your area for things you bought that are a lower price at another store near you.  If Walmart finds a lower price, they will credit the difference back to you.  (This process is much easier with the Walmart app, but can also be done on your desktop.)

2.  You Will Track Your Receipts

Have you ever wanted to return something and couldn’t find your receipt?  Now you can have a digital copy of every single receipt you load into Savings Catcher on your phone.  No more keeping track of little slips of paper!

3.  You Can Double Your Money

If you will transfer your Savings Catcher money onto a BlueBird account, you will get DOUBLE your money back!  I’ve got a ton more info about how to sign up for BlueBird here.

UPDATE: Savings Catcher no longer doubles when transferred to Bluebird.  You can still transfer it, it just won’t double and the Bluebird card is still a ton easier to use than those Walmart eGiftcards.

In short, Savings Catcher is an incredibly easy program to use that will save you big.  Be sure to watch the video above for more info.  Thanks!