GSFFATM Today's Daily Recap

Every night on FaceBook I do a really lengthy FaceBook Live video going over the big news and deals in the frugal world.  Because of how long those videos are, I wanted to create a much shorter video with just the highlights.  The links to the different stories we talked about are below the videos.  Please remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel to never miss a video.  Thanks!

All Walmart Price Match Lists Together

10/23 Coupon Insert Preview: Good Deals on Rice and KY Jelly!

Nut Harvest Nuts Just $1.28 At Walmart!

Smuckers Fruit & Honey Just $1.98 At Walmart!

Eggo Sandwiches Just $2.98 At Walmart!

FREE Castello Cheese At Walmart! PLUS OVERAGE No Coupons Needed!

FREE Finding Dory Blu-Ray At!

FREE Ecotools Loofa At Walmart! PLUS OVERAGE!

Holland House Cooking Wine Just $1.07 At Walmart!

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