Walmart Coupon and Price Matching Policy

by Aarn Farmer on May 27, 2011

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We gladly accept the following types of coupons*

Print-at-home internet coupons
Must be legible
Must have “Manufacturer Coupon” printed on them
Must have a valid remit address for the manufacturer
Must have a valid expiration date
Must have a scannable bar code
Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons with a specified price
Are acceptable in black and white or color
May not be duplicated

Manufacturers’ coupons
For dollar/cents off
For free items (except those printed off the Internet)
Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons
Must have “Manufacturer Coupon” printed on them
Must have a valid remit address for the manufacturer
Must have a valid expiration date
Must have a scannable bar code
May not be duplicated

Competitors’ coupons
A specific item for a specified price, for example, $2.99
Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons for items with a specified price
Have a valid expiration date
Are acceptable in black and white
Soft drink container caps

Checkout coupons (“Catalinas”)
Printed at our competitors’ registers for dollar/cents off on a specific item
Must have “Manufacturer Coupon” with specific item requirements printed on them
Must have a valid remit address for the manufacturer
Must have a valid expiration date
Must have a scannable bar code
Are acceptable in black and white
May not be duplicated

We DO NOT accept the following coupons:

Checkout coupons
Dollars/cents off the entire basket purchase
Percentage off the entire basket purchase
Print-at-home Internet coupons that require no purchase

Competitors’ coupons
Dollars/cents off at a specific retailer
Percentage off
Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons without a specified price
Double- or triple-value coupons

*The following are guidelines and limitations:

We only accepts coupons for merchandise that we sell.
Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase.
Only one coupon per item.
Item purchased must be identical to the coupon (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc).
There is no limit on the number of coupons per transaction.
Coupons must have an expiration date and be redeemed prior to expiration.
If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.
SNAP items purchased in a SNAP transaction are ineligible for cash back.
WIC items purchased in a WIC transaction are applied to the basket purchase and may not be eligible for cash back. Refer to state-specific WIC guidelines.
Great Value, Marketside, Equate, Parents Choice, and World Table coupons have no cash value and are ineligible for cash back or application to the basket purchase.

The system will prompt for supervisor verification for:
40 coupons per transaction.
A coupon of $20 or greater on one item.
$50 or more in coupons in one transaction.

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Aisha says:

:( Walmart here would not accept the Walgreens in-store coupon (competitor coupon). When I called Walmart Customer Service they said that their policy is general, but each individual Walmart is subject to the head manager whether or not he/she will accept or deny certain coupons. My Walmart will price match, but because the price was only after the Walgreens coupon, they wouldn’t price match or accept the coupon even though the Walmart coupon policy clearly states that they will.

Specifically, what I was trying to do was get the BIC pens . The Walgreens price without the coupon is $1.99, but with the coupon it’s $0.49. The coupon is worded thusly:

“COUPON good at Walgreens. 49 cents Bic Cristal Bold Pens 10 pack. Limit 3. No limits in NM. Good Sun. 8/5 thru Sat. 8/11/12″

The reason I wanted to lay it out like that was to point out that the Walgreens in-store coupon meets all of the Walmart requirements for a competitor coupon and it STILL was not accepted.

Doesn’t matter, though, because I used it at Walgreens, and then used the -$1/2 any Bic stationary product from ss 7/29. And with the current tax-free weekend, I got them completely free, anyway :)

Aarn Farmer says:

So glad that worked out. Sometimes the best thing to do is smile, leave, and try again with a different cashier.

Aisha says:

Heh, more like a different store. Ended up shopping at Walgreens pharmacy instead.

Aarn Farmer says:

That works too

Linzie Rosquist says:

Nevermind, I just saw your link to their price match policy. Thanks! :)

Aarn Farmer says:

FYI Even though their policy says you don’t need it, I always bring the inserts in anyway. When they see them in your hand, the never ask for them.

Linzie Rosquist says:

Well what if I take them from your list of price matches? Because I don’t get all the ads listed does that matter?and the like the meat is there a certain brand I get for them to price match? Thanks :)

Aarn Farmer says:

First of all, you can only PM stores that are local to your Walmart so if there isn’t a Kroger affiliated store around you then that list won’t work for you. When it comes to meat, you can only match brand to brand so if it says “Nolan Ryan Steaks” then you could only match if your Walmart carries Nolan Ryan steaks. If there is no brand listed then it’s just the housebrand and you can match non-branded meat. For instance if an ad says Pork Chops -$1.79lb” with no brand name then you can PM the Walmart unbranded Pork Chops. If you have local store that I don’t cover then grab those ads and look through them to see if there are any deals, unfortunately I don’t have the manpower or money to cover every store but I would sure like to. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any more questions or I am available for a Skype chat to walk you through everything if you want.

Linzie Rosquist says:

Some people say you don’t need to bring in the ad you want to price match with. True or false?

Kim M says:

I wish I could of read this post before I went shopping at Walmart this morning. My shopping trip was $81.00 before coupons. I had $58.75 in coupons and a supervisor was called to override the system. I f I had know I would of done 2 transactions. Now I am wiser. Thank you for the post.

Aarn Farmer says:

Knowledge is power, glad I could help.

reba says:

can you stack b1g1 with another like .50 off together all walmart?

Aarn Farmer says:

Yes, but that is pretty much the only kind of coupons you can stack. The BOGO makes one FREE and the $.50/1 coupon discounts the one that ISN”T free. You just need to be sure that the one you are getting for free and the discount aren’t coming off the same product. For example, this week there was a Buy one Dual Action Ricola cough drop, get a regular Ricola cough drop free and a $.75/1 coupon for any Ricola cough drop. We were able to stack them because the $.75/1 coupon could be used on the Dual Action drops that weren’t free, if it had excluded the Dual Action drops we wouldn’t have been able to use them together. If you have more questions, let me know.

Simona says:

They would not let me stack these.
Also they refused to apply the overage to the rest of merchandise I had purchased. They manually did an override and my $1 off coupon was entered as .60 cents, because that is how much the little bottle of ketchup did cost.

Aarn Farmer says:

They shouldn’t have changed the coupon price because Walmart will get reimbursed for the full dollar so they effectively stole $.40 from the coupon maker. What were you trying to stack and what Walmart did you shop at?

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