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Here’s the best Price Match opportunities from the Kroger Ad.  We have changed the format to bring you more savings, now you can sign up at The Price Match Report to get a full price match list customized for your area delivered to you every week.  Here is a short post detailing why we made the change and you can go here to get a FREE trial membership.  So far everyone who has used this new system loves it and is saving much more money than with the old way.  If your town isn’t listed, sign up for the National lists to get all the National stores delivered to you and please contact me with any questions.  Here’s to saving even more money by Ad Matching at Walmart!

1/27 List Highlights

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Amanda says:

I love price comping items! But I was wondering on the items that say “wyb4” next to them…….What exactly will that do when I comp? Do I have to buy 4 to get that price? I’m just a little confused. Especiallys since the old spice deodorant is going from $2.67 all the way down to 99cents. I just want to double check before I head out the Walmart and they think I’m crazy LOL Thanks So Much:)

Aarn Farmer says:

Sure. The Ad that we are price matching there requires that we buy 4 items on their mega sale to get the price listed. You don’t necessarily have to buy 4 deodorants but you do need to buy 4 of the products that say “WYB4”. Follow the link at the top to find your local ad to see everything on the sale.

Resenga says:

Do you know when Walmart’s are supposed to have the new iseuss? I checked my local Walmart today and they still had the Feb/Valentine’s issue in all the checkstands. Just wondering when they update the magazines! Thanks!

Nkele says:

You need to know that Wal-Mart refused to acepct the 50 cents off coupon for All You magazine. They would not take the coupon because it had no barcode or expiration date. It seems ridiculous considering they are the only store that sells the magazine. So either put the barcode on the coupon or have a talk with the CEO of Wal-Mart and demand they acepct the coupons.

Sydney says:

Hello, I’m Sydney and was wondering if the person who it may concern to, would tell me the original prices for these products. Thanks.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter
PillsBury Cresents and Sweet Rolls
Colagte sensitive Pro Relief
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroon Cleaner
Advil congestion relief
Alka-seltzer plus
Bissel Stomp n’ Go { if you’ve got it}

Thank you very much and I also need these back soon beacuse we are going shopping with the coupons we have for these products!! Thank you to whom it may concern.

Aarn Farmer says:

A lot of those products have several price points depending on size and would take me forever to list them. I would go to my price match list ( and use CTRL+F to search for each item. Let me know if you need anything else!

Auth says:

coupons and there centrialy aren’t any listed.I enjoy the magazine but surely do not follow your site. I know I am a senior but to me, a list of the coupons should produce just that.I am very disappointed as I needed the list.

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